Products & its Characteristics

Pearl Millet is grown for grain as well as for fodder production. The grain can be used in poultry and cattle etc. The developing countries in Asia and Africa contribute around 93% of total millet production in the world. Asia alone contributes 43% of world millet production. In Pakistan, Pearl Millet is sown on 1.2 million acres and its production is 0.3 million tons. This crop is mostly sown in rainfed areas after rain and is an important coarse grain crop in Pakistan. It is able to grow in areas that experience frequent periods of dry weather during either the vegetative or reproductive phases.

Despite its economic importance this crop has received little attention compared with wheat, rice and maize. During last few years, due to increase in population and industrialization, area under pearl millet has decreased dramatically. There is a need to grow high potential hybrid seeds that can be grown on irrigated as well as rainfed areas that can help farmers to increase his income.