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What hybrid characteristics are important to consider?

• Yield, yield, and yield! Selecting a hybrid for its yield potential is the producer's opportunity to set the bar high for the coming year. Stresses that occur during the season may reduce the yield potential of that particular hybrid. Therefore, it is crucial to select a high-yielding hybrid that has the potential to do extremely well in your particular field. A producer cannot make a "bad" hybrid "good"–proper hybrid selection cannot be overstressed. 

• Balance yield with reasonable grain moisture. Hybrids must be well adapted and suited specifically to the area where they will be grown. 

• Standability is key for maintaining the yield potential established during pollination. For example, yield of some hybrids is reduced to significantly depending on lodging.  Good standability is important.  

• Insect and disease tolerance are always important concerns, especially in corn on corn and during autumn season.  Disease is more in autumn due to high temperature and high humidity. 

• We must make sure that hybrid is best suited for the environment and can out yield under ideal conditions. 

Hybrid Selection